Coconut Oil For Weight Loss

Is it true that you can consume the oil from coconut for weight loss? Many people thought that this oil (primarily containing saturated fat) bears the same fatty chain structure as animal saturated fats. Here's the difference - animal saturated fat molecules attach to one another forming long-chain fatty acids (LCFAs) which your body finds hard to break down and thus store it as fat very easily, whereas coconut oil's saturated fat molecules form medium-chain fatty acids (MCFAs) structure and readily break down for energy use during digestion, like carbohydrate.

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This in turn boosts your metabolism and burn fat off your fat stores, which explains why most people lose weight after eating coconut oil.

Here's another big advantage of eating coconut oil for fat loss. The oil yields only 8.62 calories per gram. This means if you replace other oils (which carry 9.4 calories per gram, to be exact) with coconut oil, you'll benefit from lower calorie intake.

Remember that I said earlier that consuming coconut oil can stimulate metabolism? Imagine your metabolism speeds up, at the same time you're ingesting lower calories, you can expect to burn more calories off your excess fat stores. That's how you can lose weight effectively with this medium-chain fat-burning oil.

How to Eat Coconut Oil for Weight Loss

But here's the kicker. No matter how fat-burning the oil is, like any other foods, when you consume excess of it which the level of your metabolism is not able to burn it off totally, extra calories that left unused will still get deposited as fat in your energy bank. Hence, consume the right amount and you'll shed pounds effectively.

When you're getting started, because this fat-burning oil is extremely effective in curing constipation, you should take 1 tablespoon (1/2 in morning, 1/2 at night) first for at least 7 days. Observe your body condition and if you feel it works well with you, up the intake to 2 and then progressively to 3 tablespoons later on. After several months when you feel you can ingest more, you can actually increase the intake up to 5 tablespoons spread out in a day.

If you're eating a vegetarian diet, and you add this fat-burning oil to your diet, you'll gain even more health and weight loss benefits.

But just keep in mind that you should never increase the intake of coconut oil too quickly or it may give you a diarrhea-like effect. So, work with your body closely for maximum fat loss without risking your health. Any food that's good when eat in the wrong way can affect you negatively.

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