A Diet Free Life? Get These Essential Weight Loss Tips!

What do you do when you come off a diet? Do you breathe a sigh of relief and then go and tuck in to your favourite food? Do you sample all the things you've been forbidden to touch? Or are you very good and keep your self-discipline intact and you say 'no' to temptation?

When you come off a diet you probably don't know it, but you are just about to face you greatest challenge. Unbeknown to you, your body has been planning its revenge! Now that you are off the diet, it swings into action. What you body does when it realizes that it is no longer being starved of energy, is to try and restore you to your previous weight. Why? Because it thinks that it is your default state! After all that effort, you are starting to work against you!

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The reason for this is that your energy reduction has been too fast, too dramatic. This is why it is true to say that the faster you lose weight, the faster it will come back again. A very fundamental tip, therefore, is to avoid all diet programs that offer you quick weight loss! The diet industry has become obsessed with offering speed. Why? Most of the weight people have put on has accumulated over months and years. To imagine that it can disappear quickly is nonsense - and this is in effect what your body is telling you.

The most effective way, and the very best weight loss tip, to lose weight is not to go on a diet. A diet will deliver short-term weight loss, but it won't deliver permanent weight loss. The weight you have put on needs to come off in a controlled manner so that your body doesn't work against you.

Making change by learning new habits, slim habits, is the best way to change your eating and lifestyle habits. You have to make change to stop the bad habits that make you fat. This is the road to permanent weight loss...take it!

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