The Best Weight Loss Tips Are Not a Secret!

The Best Weight Loss Tips are not a secret, but it is amazing that so many people find it difficult to decide how to lose weight. There is more information available than ever before and yet people go back to the same old ways time and time again - even although they don't work! Is it laziness? Is it insecurity? It's very, very difficult to fathom.

If you take the time to research what's going on, you will very soon discover that there are a lot of very good studies that have been published on diets and weight loss recently. They are very useful indeed because most of them have involved a lot of people and have been done over a considerable period of time. The results that they publish are pretty accurate and give us much needed clarity - clarity so that we can take the right decision when it comes to losing weight.

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One of the latest studies that has been published is from the Harvard School of Public Health and the Pennington Biomedical Research Center. This study was to do with the effectiveness of a variety of different diets. Practically all the best known diets were tested using over 800 people over a period of two years.

The study's results are fascinating. Basically it found that no one particular diet was better than the other, be it low carb, low calorie or Atkins. And what sort of result did they produce? Minimal weight loss and the weight returned within a year...oh dear!

The study also found that it was impossible for people to keep on with any program. Permanent weight loss remains a dream on these diets.

They also said that losing weight is about calories in and calories out - which includes regular exercise. In other words it's about having a structured program which concentrates on delivering change. How is this done? By getting rid of the bad habits that make you fat and learning new ones, new slim habits...and that's the secret!

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