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I know you've heard it before; the best diet for rapid weight loss is to eat less and exercise more. Well, good news! You're not going to hear that today. Let's face it, if it were that simple, none of us would be overweight. Instead of reiterating the same thing you've always heard that never works, let's talk about some real and practical weight loss solutions.

I simply can't stress enough the extreme importance that water plays in your diet for rapid weight loss. Without the proper intake of water, your body simply cannot effectively digest your food. Your body has to work so much harder without water to aid in digestion, that your metabolism slows down by volumes. Drinking water is essential, especially when you are trying to lose weight.

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Most diets will tell you to quit eating everything you like and eat like a robot. Obviously we have little or no self control when it comes to food (hence the reason we need a diet!), so why do they expect we can consistently deprive ourselves of food? Again, it's just not that easy. I need a diet for rapid weight loss that doesn't require me to eliminate everything I like from my meals.

Exercise is important, but typically weight gain is more a result of poor eating habits rather than lack of exercise. And likewise, changing your eating habits is more likely to help shed the extra pounds than exercise. A diet for rapid weight loss is the most important, and the exercise provides added bonus and benefit to your new healthier body.

If you are ready to finally see results, be sure to remember these tips when you are looking for a diet. The #1 reason most diets fail is because they are too restrictive and dieters can't stick with them. The most effective diet for rapid weight loss is one you can actually live with and see through to the end. If you learn how to properly group the foods you already like to work to help your body burn calories, you can eat what you love and still lose weight.

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