Fad Diets - Weight Loss Dream Or Dieting Nightmare?

Fad diets come and go with a new wave each year. With each new year comes new methods to lose weight fast. These trends vary from low carbohydrate methods, calorie shifting and even fasting for quick weight loss. The question is rather these diet trends are a weight loss dream or a dieting nightmare.
There is a reason some weight loss programs, like Weight Watchers, have been around for years and have outlasted the latest fads. These types of programs aim at changing your habits and teach you lifestyle changes. So not only do you lose weight but you keep it off. It is true that these methods generally result in a slower weight loss and many people are looking for a quick way to lose weight. So they turn to the latest craze and jump in with blindfolds to find the quickest way to shed unwanted pounds. Before you jump in, read these reviews to make sure you understand rather you will sink or swim with these latest trends to losing weight fast.
The Morning Banana Diet
This fad diet has people going "bananas" over bananas. With this plan you simply eat as many bananas in the morning as you want with warm water. Why warm water? Well this is a mystery as the plan never really explains the benefit of drinking warm water; it just simply states this is required. The secret behind the bananas is better explained. The reason for bananas is that they are a healthy fruit (no question there) and they tend to make you feel fuller for longer.
Other rules for this program includes eating anything (that's right - anything!) you want for your other meals. This means you could pig out on a large sized pepperoni pizza for lunch and a Big Mac and large fries for dinner. Doesn't sound exactly like a healthy plan. The last rule is you must eat dinner by 8:00 pm and nothing after this.
My prediction for this fad diet is it won't last into the next year. Sounds a lot like the old trendy Grapefruit Diet - and how many people are still going fruity over that old plan.
 The Skinny Vegan Diet
As the name suggests this fad diet is a vegan program (so no meats or animal products). This plan claims to be able to give you a skinny model like body. The main basis behind their program is to cleanse the body. This cleansing process is to clear the body of toxins to get it prepared to receive healthier foods. This concept sounds good in theory but basically this plan has very little food selections and lacks many valuable nutrients your body needs. My guess is most people would not be able to keep up with this for too long before going out of their mind or starving. Chock this one up to another dieting nightmare.
 The Biggest Loser Diet
As far as fad diets go, this one has some real merit and solid ideas behind it. Let's face it; the contestants of the popular show have seen results many of us dream of. The focus of this newest trend in losing weight fast is their 4 - 3 - 2 - 1 concept. This means you would consume 4 servings of fruits and veggies, 3 lean proteins, 2 servings of whole grains and 1 serving of "extras" for each day. 
Your total calories for the day are calculated by taking your current weight times seven. For the show, they use a factor of times 6 for a quicker weight loss. Once you know your total calorie intake you would apply these across your servings of fruits, veggies, etc.
Another great feature of this plan is their emphasis on exercise. This is not diet plan for those who refuse to get active. The plan includes both aerobics and strength training workouts. In short, this is no passing fad diet but has solid methods for teaching lifestyle changes for permanent weight loss. This gets a vote towards weight loss dream.

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