3 Weight Loss Tips to Help You Lose Weight the Easy Way!

Would you like some weight loss tips to help you lose weight so that you don't have to eat bland food or work your butt off down at the gym? If you do then here are three weight loss tips to help you lose weight really fast! Once you have finished reading this article, you will be amazed at just how easy weight loss can be!

1. Stop being hungry!:

Sounds stupid but it makes sense, if you are no longer hungry then you won't eat, and if you don't eat then you will lose weight. It goes without saying if the opposite is the case it will be extremely difficult to lose any weight as you will be continuously eating! So how do we stop feeling hungry? The answer is to eat foods that can keep you full for a long time. Foods that are rich in fibre like lentils, certain fruits and vegetables such as apples and peas, and nuts are all good foods that will suppress your hunger and as an additional plus they are all great at maintaining a healthy digestive system!

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2. Water, a natural aide to weight loss:

You may find it hard to believe but an extra 7 to 10 pounds can be lost just by drinking enough water. The reason this happens is that your body has certain defence mechanisms and one of them is to store water which it does when enough hasn't been drunk. The reason the body does this is to safeguard against any future water scarcity. By drinking 8 glasses of water a day your body will not hold a store of water as it will believe that there is an abundance of water available.

You will reap further benefits from drinking more water as your metabolic rate will increase therefore burning more fat and increasing weight loss on top of that you will also be flushing your body of harmful toxins as water is a natural detoxifier. When you are free of these toxins not only will you see further weight loss but you will feel a hell of a lot healthier too.

3. Now, don't laugh out loud but go and buy yourself a Hula Hoop:

Yes you did read that correctly, a hula hoop! Believe it or not, this is one of my favorite weight loss tips as hula hooping is a great way for people who dislike exercise to lose weight, not only lose weight but have a great time doing it too! You can probably pick up a hoop for around $10, (make sure it's a weighted one) and it's probably one of the cheapest pieces of exercise equipment that you'll ever buy.

Once you have got your hoop just spend as much time on it as you can each day, in no time at all you'll be a hula hooping expert and you'll be amazed at just how many calories you will actually burn doing something you actually have fun doing. Just ten minutes per day will have a positive effect on your weight loss, imagine if you were hula hooping for an hour spread across the day.

I hope you can see from these 3 weight loss tips that losing weight doesn't have to be difficult or hard.

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