Healthy Weight Loss - The Dangers of Splenda

Most people want to eat the things they love without putting on weight. The diet industry banks on this desire by throwing our way artificial sweeteners that seem to do the trick. As a result, the artificial sweetener segment has been one of the fastest growing segments in the diet industry in the years 2004 and 2005. Today, many people who were looking out for an alternative to sugar are questioning the claims made by the Splenda ad campaign. Remember, that if you are relying on Splenda, you can never move towards healthy weight loss; rather many are suffering from the side effects of this substance.

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Splenda has become the number one sweetener in the market, much to the fury of the other players in the same segment. The sale of this sucralose-based substance has risen to almost three times the sale of aspartame-based sweeteners and almost four times the sale of saccharin-based sweeteners in the year 2004. This tells us that most people are looking for unhealthy shortcuts rather than opting for healthy weight loss.

Here are some claims made by Splenda that stand refuted:

Claim 1: Splenda is natural and is made from sugar.

The Truth: The marketing company for Splenda has taken much flack from the sugar industry due to this claim. There is no doubt that what you get in your Splenda sachet began from molecules of sugar. The chemical processing that this sugar molecule or sucrose goes through is alarming. The sucrose molecule is chemically bonded with three chlorine molecules, thus totally changing its molecular structure. Natural sucrose is thus converted into synthetic fructo-galactose.

There is no substance in nature that is even close to this substance. Therefore, although sucrose is natural, the end-product, Splenda, is by no means natural, and can no way lead to healthy weight loss.

Claim 2: Splenda has zero calories.

The Truth: Splenda is in a synthetic form and obviously cannot be properly metabolized by the body. Since it cannot be broken down into simpler forms to release energy, it is partially true that it produces virtually no calories. But herein lies the danger. As much as 15% of Sucralose is stored in the fat tissues, and no one knows for how long.

Claim 3: Splenda has gone through rigorous testing procedures, and that more than 100 studies were done.

The Truth: What the company hides from you is that the testing was done on animals and not on humans. There were six testing procedures that were conducted on humans, out of which only two reached completion. These two studies had only 36 human subjects, out of whom only 23 were tested for sucralose.

What is shocking is that these people were tested only for a period of four days. What is more shocking is that these human subjects were not tested for sucralose tolerance but something different: tooth decay. Anyone in the right mind would find these dismal studies ridiculous enough to be extrapolated to general population. The studies never included pregnant women and children. One wonders how the company convinced FDA to approve such a substance

Claim 4: Splenda is safe even when used in large quantities and for long periods of time.

The Truth: Splenda bears resemblance to pesticides such as DDT, rather than sugar. We know that about 15% Splenda remains inside your body and is not excreted. It has never been tested for long term effects. Testimonies about the adverse effects of Splenda are on the rise. Would you still trust such a substance?

Some people blindly trust the FDA. In view of the fact that FDA has approved drugs such as Vioxx as anti-inflammatory treatments for arthritis and has led to the death of more 50,000 patients, would you still take the FDAs word as final?

Above all remember, that your health is in your hands. It is up to you do decide what to consume and what not to. It is better to consume sugar in limited quantity rather than relying on artificial sweeteners such as Splenda, which with time, may be revealed to take its toll on the health of many.

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