5 Reasons to Start a Healthy Weight Loss Regime NOW

Being overweight is something I hate with a passion, but like most people there have been times in my life when I have struggled to keep to my target weight. Being even 3 or 4lbs overweight can make me feel uncomfortable and lethargic, and so I immediately get back on to my healthy weight loss program to get those pounds off before they become a permanent fixture.

I must admit that hating being overweight myself means that I have little real understanding as to why anyone would allow themselves to get overweight in the first place. One thing I do know however is that there are many, many different reasons why people become overweight. Some people have specific metabolic problems that make it more difficult to lose weight. Others have very stressful and unhappy lives and tend to comfort eat. In some ways is may appear that being overweight might be adding to those problems not making them any better, but maybe healthy weight loss just isn't uppermost in their minds

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There is plenty of information available today on the importance of motivation and healthy weight loss is no exception. In order to even begin on a program to lose weight, most people need a very good reason to do it. More often than not a special event in the future is a motivating factor - if only as a short term goal. Unfortunately it would appear that even these incentives are not enough for some people and only too often it takes something like a serious illness for them to begin to take control of their health and their lives in general.

Here are 5 very good reasons for embarking on a healthy weight loss regime immediately

1. It is now a fact that we are living longer. Life expectancy has risen dramatically in the last 40 years. Baby boomers are enjoying longer lives, but are they enjoying longer healthier lives? Personally I know very few people over 60 who are not on long term medication for one illness or another.  If you are living a sedentary life and are even moderately obese or overweight then your motivation to lose weight and improve your fitness and overall health would ultimately lead to a healthier future.

2. Are you eating the right diet for your body type? If you are overweight, it his unlikely that you are eating a healthy diet that is right for you. It also follows, therefore, that the food you are eating will not be the correct food to keep you optimally healthy. Many illnesses are food related; either the person concerned is eating poor quality junk food or maybe just certain foods that their bodies are intolerant to. Once these issues are addressed it will not only help you to lose weight but also ensure you are fit and well

3. Research suggests that there is a strong link between obesity and depression.  Depression can be caused by an imbalance of nutrients especially certain nutrients that are known to cause depression. These imbalances can be addressed through any healthy weight loss diet especially if the diet is tailored to the individual needs of the person concerned. Exercise can also help depression as the endorphins that are created in the body during exercise give us that feel good factor as they are released into the brain

4. Stress plays a much bigger part in degenerative illness than was previously thought. Stress is your body's natural response to difficult situations. In a stressful situation your body produces chemicals that prepare you for "fight or flight" .Although low levels of stress are acceptable and can even be beneficial, the same cannot be said of chronic stress. Your body needs to get rid of the chemicals that are produced, otherwise stress can cause harm over long periods of time. Your body responds to stress by slowing down digestion, releasing sugars and fats into your blood stream to provide fuel, releasing chemicals to help your blood clot, raising your heart beat, perspiring, increasing your breathing, and tensing your muscles. Exercise as an integral part of your healthy weight loss campaign is one of the best ways to help your body relax and recover from that adrenaline rush.

5. Low energy and general lethargy is synonymous with being overweight or obese. When you embark on a healthy weight loss campaign one of the first things you will notice is an improvement in your energy levels. Energy in your body is totally reliant on you giving it the right sort of fuel in the right balance.

Don't take your heath for granted. Whether you have a weight problem or not there is no excuse for not giving your body the correct fuel and the appropriate exercise to ensure it becomes and remains as healthy as possible well into old age Too many people are prepared to believe that illness and weight gain are an inevitable part of getting older. This really isn't true. Remember you will get from life what you expect and what you think about. So get motivated, change your diet and lose weight now before it is too late.

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