Easy Steps to Permanent Weight Loss

Permanent weight loss - is there any other sort that anybody would be interested in? Surely when people want to lose weight they want the weight to be permanent, don't they? You would have thought so, but maybe it isn't really the case.

There are two sorts of people who want to lose weight. Those that have become overweight and for the first time they have decided to do something about it. The other sort is the serial dieter. The seasoned campaigner who has suffered everything from low carb to low calorie, from Atkins to GI, from Cabbage to Weight Watchers and glooped all the gloopy potions and popped all the pills, but still the weight persists. Persists in that after every diet it reappears with monotonous regularity. Not fat and muscle, but just plain old fat.

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Up until now, going on a diet has been the most popular way to try and lose weight. There has been little else available except many, many variations on a theme. Weight loss pills have started to become popular, but many people are unhappy about popping pills and there is some justification for their skepticism.

It is a very brave person who swallows pills without knowing exactly is in them and the effect that they may have - in the short-term and much further down the track. How many times has a medication been found to be harmful years after it has been introduced? Far too many. Weight loss pills appear to work, but you can't keep taking them forever and when you stop, rather the same as a diet, the weight comes back again.

Permanent weight loss can really only be achieved by changing your habits. We are ruled by our habits, but it's the bad ones that do all the harm. To make change you have to learn new habits, slim habits. Habits can't be changed, you have to learn new ones that take the place of the bad habits. New slim habits make permanent weight loss possible.

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