Nutrition Weight Loss - Popular Diets Don't Work

Most diet plans appeal to your desires and emotions of having a slim body and washboard abs. The fitness industry will tell you that diets do wonders, and that too within a matter of a few days. Fitness ads will also display models with perfectly sculpted bodies, and you may be thinking, "If I can achieve even 50 percent of that, it will be great." Shockingly, studies have revealed that most diets make you work against the very purpose they are meant for. Nutrition weight loss helps you lose weight the right way. As you read further, you will know the secrets.

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Most diets make you fat and not thin! We must remember that our bodies have their own ways of working, and although our thinking has profound effect on our bodies, our bodies do not know that we are dieting. When faced with a shortage of food intake, our bodies react in the same way as they would in a famine- by conserving body fat and slowing down fat burning. The more we diet, the more our bodies seek food, slow down metabolism and encourage fat storage.

Nutrition weight loss is one of the best ways of losing weight. It focuses on understanding how our bodies work and includes eating the right foods and regular exercise.

The Willpower Issue

There are diet plans that also tell you to strengthen your willpower. In the war against calories we must understand that the reason people eat sweet foods is not because of a willpower problem. In fact, our bodies have the natural affinity for sweet natural foods such as fruits, which are good for us. The problem is that we indulge ourselves with high sugary foods and compound the problem with lack of exercise. Nutrition Weight Loss helps you lose weight naturally.

Gauging a Diet Plan

Most people judge a diet plan as successful at the point when the plan is discontinued, only to realize that they have gained all the weight (and more) back. This is due to the body's rebound effect. It has been estimated that most diet plans yield a weight loss of only 5% when measured after 5 years of discontinuation. Is it worth going through that entire rigorous regime for this kind of a dismal result? Diets do not work!

How the Diet Industry Works

The dieting industry banks on your dreams and your inability to take control of your life, by seemingly offering shortcuts. The truth is that there are no short cuts in life, especially in the dieting arena. Some plans are so extreme that you cannot make them a part of your regular routine, making you blame yourself. This is exactly what the diet industry wants. It has been noted that people who have ended a particular diet plan, never feel satisfied even after high calorie meals.

Some Weight Loss Tips

Firstly, be patient and give your body some time. Secondly, include more physical activities in your daily routine. Thirdly, eat a well balanced diet.

Activities such as running are ideal, and will bring results over time. Avoid energy balance diet plans which tell you to play two hours of tennis in order to burn off a donut, or before-the-beach instant diet plans. The key to maintaining a healthy weight is regular physical activity. As you gradually build more lean tissue, you will burn fat faster. The truth is that as you get fitter, you will burn fat more quickly, and that too while you are resting.

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