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Have you found yourself wondering if there is a simpler way to lose weight? If you take a look at what's available out there, everything seems so complicated.

People have written entire books on weight loss. There are complicated diet plans and pills that you can purchase. Worst of all, there are plenty of 'clubs' you can join where you pay an expensive membership to have a 'personal' coach who weighs you frequently and tells you that you are not doing very well.

I think that it is kind of repulsive when I consider all of the weight loss schemes designed to take our money but not provide lasting results. Before you purchase any type of weight loss guide, pill or complicated diet scheme consider whether it is really the best option for you.

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Any book or information source that claims to teach you about weight loss should be able to do the following:

1. Tell you in less than 15 pages everything you need to know about losing weight.

2. In that fifteen pages or less, it should explain everything to you in a very simple and straight forward manner.

3. There should be no need to buy a product over and over again. This is what they call a 'continuity' program in marketing jargon. It's great for enriching the product owner but if there was a magic pill that worked - everyone would know about it.

4. Your weight loss information source should be simple, simple and simple! It should be so easy that a sixth-grader could read it and follow the simple directions.

The sad fact is that perhaps one percent of one percent of all of the weight loss 'help' out there actually meets the above four criteria. Look for one that does. At the bottom of this article, in the author information box, you will find links that can lead you to something that will greatly improve the quality your achieving the goal of weight loss.

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