Natural Weight Loss - What the Milk Industry Won't Tell You About Osteoporosis

They say a little knowledge is dangerous, and you may be surprised that although a rich-calcium diet, Vitamin D and exercise are important for maintaining healthy bones during natural weight loss, this is an incomplete picture. You may even be shocked that excess calcium intake and the absence of certain important minerals could actually be factors that contribute to osteoporosis.

What the Milk Industry Won't Tell You

No one can deny that calcium is very important for preventing osteoporosis, since calcium is one of the important constituents of bones. Sadly, most TV commercials and ads tell us only the partial truth that milk is the key to preventing osteoporosis. Due to this most of us aren't even aware of the other important minerals that we require for maintaining bone mass during effective natural weight loss.

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Here's what the milk industry does not tell us. Firstly, most dairy products are high in calcium but deficient in magnesium, another important mineral that constitutes the bones. Due to this difference, calcium is passed out in the urine, thus depriving the bones of it. Secondly, most dairy products contain quite a substantial amount of sodium, which causes you to pass out huge amounts of calcium in the urine. Therefore if your bones do not retain calcium and magnesium, how will they grow healthy?

Retaining Calcium

Extensive research has provided evidence that retaining calcium in bones is more important than consuming it. If you want to retain calcium, you can choose to consume more of sardines, salmon, trout, brazil nuts, almonds, oranges, black currants, figs, spinach and green leafy vegetables. Therefore as you follow your program for natural weight loss, you will not only retain calcium, but also get other essential minerals.


Besides being one of the components that make up bone, magnesium is good for a healthy heart and also prevents hypertension. Foods such as seeds, nuts and vegetables are abundant in magnesium, whereas meats and fruits contain magnesium in small amounts. Processed foods have very less or no magnesium, and therefore are not advisable.


Another important component of bone, Potassium, helps in preventing osteoporosis because it keeps sodium level low and thus prevents the loss of magnesium and calcium through the urine. This means that calcium is retained, leading to healthy bones. Potassium can be found in meat, fruits and vegetables.

Vitamin D

Vitamin D helps the absorption of calcium in the intestine. It also protects from certain cancers. Vitamin D is formed in our skin in the presence of sunlight. It is also found in milk, organ meats and fatty fish. If you are attempting to lose weight by drinking skim milk and eating non-fat cereals, you are missing out on this vitamin, as it exists in fat and cannot be absorbed in the absence of fat. Evidence is also pointing out to the fact that fat is required for absorption of calcium.


Our bone is a living tissue that is made up of cells. These cells contain significant amounts of proteins which help our bones to stay healthy. When we eat foods low in protein, especially animal protein, our body extracts protein from our muscles and bones in order to keep our vital organs working. This compromises the immune system and affects bone building.

Weight Bearing Exercise

Exercises that put load on your muscles and bones and make you resist gravity are the best for building bones. Walking and swimming, although great for cardiovascular health, do not put enough stress on your bones. Jogging, stair-climbing, tennis and other sports that make you resist gravity are the best.

So here's the big picture: you must include calcium, potassium, magnesium, vitamin D and weight-bearing exercises in order to stay healthy as you attempt to lose weight naturally.

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