12 Hot Tips For Losing Weight - Part 1 - Act Now and Start Your Weight Loss Today

The most important things when it comes to losing weight are having a good diet to follow, and also being knowledgeable about the more general topics involving weight loss. This article will give you a good understanding of the latter. Follow these tips and you will be on track to losing weight and getting closer to that weight loss goal in less time than you thought was possible...

So without further ado, here are 12 Hot Tips to help you on your way to achieving that weight loss goal... Why 12? Because it's a nice round number, and there's a stack of information to take in, but not so much that you'll leave feeling too dizzy to remember it all (and believe me, you'll want to take it ALL in).

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1. Drink a decent sized glass of water not long before a meal. By doing so, you will feel slightly more full, and less inclined to eat so much.

2. Be designated driver more often. Not only will you be more popular with your friends, but you'll be forced to drink less. And we all know that alcohol in large quantities is no good for the tummy!

3. Instead of lollies, go for the nuts! Nuts are a great snack and a healthy alternative to most junk foods. They are high in fat, but it's the good kind of fat that your body needs to have in order to stay healthy.

4. Always carry a bottle of water. In doing so, you'll not only stay well hydrated, but it will make you less likely to go for those carbonated or caffeine filled drink when they are presented.

5. If your out at a restaurant, and you're not felling too hungry on that particular night, go for something more light on on the menu. Most restaurants have many healthy or smaller meal sized options, and you'll leave feeling better off for choosing one!

6. Go head to head with a mate. Set up a weight loss challenge between you and your friend/s. You'll find yourself being far more motivated, because lets face it, it's always nice to win! And not that i encourage gambling or anything, but why not make it a little interesting? Loser pays for a nice indulgent dinner at the end of the 12 week weight-off! (or something to that effect).

7. Share dessert. Do you ever get to the end of a meal and think, gee i could do with some dessert, but i don't really NEED it. Why not share that dessert, and the calories it comes with, with a friend?

8. Portion control. Meals these days are a lot bigger than they need to be in order for us to maintain a healthy body weight. Set yourself a rule that you'll only eat half, or 2 thirds of whats on your dinner plate when you're at home. Pretty soon, you'll find yourself wanting smaller portions, but still being just as satisfied!

9. Utilize your lunch break! Try going for walks or runs during your lunch break, or even the gym if you have time. It's a great time to do some exercise, and it beats eating a sandwich in front of your computer screen. Plus you'll find yourself feeling more energetic in the afternoon. Try and recruit a buddy to do this with you, as you'll spur each other on.

10. Out of sight, out of mind. Keep your kitchen cupboards free of all those guilt covered snacks like chocolate and biscuits. Even the best of us can't fight those urges when they're staring you straight in the face. So get rid of them altogether and replace them with healthier snacking options.

11. Set yourself realistic goals. Weight loss is not an instant thing, it takes time and perseverance. So set yourself goals whether it's a certain amount of weight you would like to lose each week, or a promise to yourself that you are going to go for X amount of walks every fortnight. Each time you achieve a goal, set a new one, and watch the weight drop off as you achieve them.

12. Eat more than the standard 3 meals a day. Aim for 4 smaller meals, or 6 if you have the time to do so. By eating smaller meals more often, you'll find you are less inclined to snack as much. Plus by eating more frequently, you will boost your metabolism, and this is a great thing, because you'll find yourself losing weight much faster!

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