Prescription Weight Loss Pills - A Review of Three Available Today

I believe that you should understand as much as you can about anything new or different you are going to begin in your life. This is especially true when you begin a new diet or weight loss program of any type. Because of this belief, I am persuaded to discuss some of the choices available for prescription weight loss pills that a professional may prescribe these days. It is very important to talk with your chosen medical professional previous to beginning ANY program of this nature. Taking it a step further, make sure that you are aware of the particulars of the program you are thinking about using so you know the risks beforehand.

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Phentermine -- This is the well known generic name for this drug. It is also known as Adipex. There are similarities between amphetamine and this medication that are undeniable. Phentermine can be addictive as it affects the central nervous system to suppress appetite. People who use this medication report jitters and similarities to the way one would describe being on a stimulant. This is usually reported during the first couple of weeks of use before the body adjusts to it. I have used this medication personally, and this was my experience as well. From my personal research on prescription weight loss pills, it would appear to be one of the most popular choices by patients, as it seems to be very effective.

Benzphetamine -- Many drugs have several names and this one is no exception. It is also called Didrex. One of the uniquely interesting points regarding this drug is that medical professionals are not able to pinpoint precisely the reason for the loss in patients who are prescribed this medication. It apparently doesn't have many of the harsh side effects of many of the medications on the market today, even though it can reduce hunger by effecting the appetite center of the brain. One of the biggest drawbacks to this drug is that is requires a good exercise and fitness program, and it needs to include cardiovascular and weight resistance. The resistance to follow this part of the diet program may account for the reason that some cite it being less effective than other prescription weight loss pills.

Tenuate -- As most of the diet medications available today are appetite suppressants, this one is no exception. Specifically targeting the brain, the central nervous system is affected by this stimulant. The way it decreases appetite is by increasing blood pressure and heart rate by stimulating the brain. Those with an addictive mentality should be extremely careful as this is a drug that can be habit forming. It is recommended to follow a good exercise and diet plan while using this pill. You should also be aware it is not meant to be a long term solution. It is used more as a way to jump start your progress.

You will find many, many more prescription weight loss pills available today. This was just a sampling of what you might find when discussing a viable plan for losing weight with your personal physician.

Disclaimer: I am NOT a medical professional and do not imply, infer, or otherwise state in any form or fashion that the information I provide is for any other purpose than general information. Again, make sure you speak with your personal physician or medical professional before beginning ANY weight loss, diet, or exercise program.

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