Fast Weight Loss Tips - Get Your Head in the Game

If you have been trying to lose weight for any length of time you probably realize that getting results requires more than just finding a good diet and exercise plan. In order to lose weight successfully you must have the right mindset for weight loss. When you get the right weight loss mindset you will find that your thoughts and beliefs support your weight loss efforts and make losing weight much easier.

Follow these 3 fast weight loss tips to get your head back in the weight loss game.

1. Simplify - The simple plan is the best plan. The last thing you want to be focused on when you are trying to lose weight is food yet if your diet is complicated and requires you to do things such as count every calories, eat differently one day to the next or buy specialty products or foods then your plan is too complex and will quickly lead to "brain-drain" and frustration. You want to create a way of eating that allows you to think less often about food. A simple way to do that is to use the "divided plate rule". At each meal take a look at your plate and draw an imaginary line through the middle. Fill the upper half of your plate with vegetables and then in the lower half draw another imaginary line dividing the lower half of your plate into a right and left side, on one side put a protein choice and on the other a carbohydrate choice. Add a couple of good snacks during the day and you have an eating plan that is simple to continue using for the rest of your life.

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2. Get clear on what you want. If you can't see a target how likely are you to hit it? The answer is not very likely, yet many of us enter into a diet with no clear vision of what we want to achieve. If you goal is to simply lose weight then you have not clearly defined your goal. To get a crystal clear vision of what it is you want to achieve sit down and create a long list of reasons you want to lose weight, simply write down anything that comes to mind, then go back through your list and circle those reasons that really create an emotional impact for you. By focusing on these important reasons you will create a target that will pull you toward your goal.

3. Be flexible. This does not mean keep working until you are flexible enough to touch your toes, it means be flexible in your attitude. Life will not slow down so you can reach your goal, there will always be obstacles and challenges for you to face, your best strategy to get past these potential barriers is to use curiosity. Curiosity is the ability to ask yourself useful questions without judgment. If you feel you need to eat sugar in the afternoon ask yourself why in a calm and non-judgmental way. When you pose questions like this to your brain then you are able to find the real reason which might be you are too tired and need to be getting to bed earlier or you are not eating enough for lunch and you are letting yourself get too hungry. These are issues you can deal with without overeating.

Use these 3 fast weight loss tips to get your head in the weight loss game and you will not only lose weight with less effort but you will be able to keep that weight from returning.

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