Healthy Weight Loss Diet Reveals the Top Diets to Stay Away From

Have you noticed the huge pile of books at the bookstore on dieting that shows up after the first of the year? While some books are on a healthy weight loss diet, many are fad diets that sound like they'll melt the pounds off of you. They actually won't. In fact, the following are several diet trends that won't help you and may cause you harm.

1. Fat-Free Diets

The idea: You can eat what you wish as long as it's fat free. Fat-free equals no fat gain.

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The Reality: Extra fat in the diet does trigger extra calories but fat-free foods have calories into them, too. While a healthy weight loss diet will restrict the level of fat you eat, many of these fat-free products just contain empty calories.

2. The Snack-Pack Dietary Plan

The Idea: Cookies, snacks and chips are delivered in a hundred calorie packets so you don't eat too much of one thing.

The Reality: All of these products are junk food that won't even fill you up. They contain empty calories and you will likely be so hungry afterwards that you'll reach for another one.

3. The Couch-Potato Dietary Plan

The Idea: Exercise is not necessary and you can lose weight just by cutting back on your caloric intake.

The Reality: You need exercise in order to lose weight and to keep it off. Research shows that it takes both diet and exercise to lose more weight than if you just restrict calories.

4. The Detox Plan

The Idea: You'll be able to lose enough weight by taking a colon cleanser made from several botanical ingredients that clean you out.

The Reality: Nobody can prove that ridding your colon of "toxic waste" will help you lose weight on a steady basis. Just eat a high fiber diet.

5 . The Beef and Bacon Diet

The Idea: Just eat protein and don't be concerned about fat.

The Reality: A healthy weight loss diet will ask you reduce carbohydrates, especially refined sugars and flour. But a diet high in meat containing fat will contain a lot of calories and will be unhealthy. Choose lean proteins and include five servings of vegetables and fruits per day, as well as low-fat dairy and a few servings of whole-grain carbohydrates.  

6. The Twinkie Diet

The Idea: Since calories are all that matters, you can eat whatever you wish, including just Twinkies. You will lose weight if the calorie count is low enough.

The Reality: While calories matter, eating junk food is unhealthy for you, especially when eaten to the exclusion of healthy food.

So what's the answer? The healthy weight loss diet doesn't contain fad foods. Just eat less and you need to be aware of exactly what you're eating. Try keeping a food journal. By keeping a food diary, you'll avoid the mindless eating that goes into eating too much. You'll also need to exercise on a regular (and preferably daily) basis. This increases your metabolic rate and helps you lose weight faster. 

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