The Biggest Weight Loss Myth - Why Your Diet is Keeping You Fat

Never has there been a time when so many people are overweight. With all our knowledge on diet and nutrition and exercise not to mention the billions that are spent every year within the weight loss industry, why are we fatter now than we have ever been?

One of the main reasons is dieting itself. The theory and the practice of dieting while looking good on paper does not live up to the promise when applied to real people in the real world.

And there are a number of reasons why this is so.

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Deprivation and denial are not lifestyle options that we can live with long term. Running away from eating and food, to the point that we begin to fear it and the consequences of eating, are never going to work as part of a healthy body transformation program.

Sure you can lose weight using willpower to temporarily override the desire to eat normally. But willpower never lasts. When you're fighting with yourself one of you has to lose. And when you lose the weight comes back.

In the quest to lose weight, dieting fails to fully take into account our nervous system and homeostasis. Our nervous system likes things to stay the same. Underestimating how strong this survival priority is, that the status quo is maintained, will ensure that you are permanently stuck on the weight loss weight gain roller coaster.

The innate driver within our nervous system to return to what is normal guarantees that as hard as you try you will never be able to permanently lose weight and transform your body using dieting.

And trying to lose weight fast with a rapid weight loss method is even less likely to work because of the rebound effect. As fast as you lose it the nervous system snaps you back to where you started. And if you are like most people you will probably be a pound or two heavier than when you started.

The solution is not in dieting.

The solution is to change these basic settings within your nervous system. Getting your body and mind to become comfortable with change and allowing yourself as much time as you need to for that change to settle in, will ensure you lose the weight permanently.

Much of what is considered fact when it comes to effectively losing weight is anything but. Look around you, look in the mirror for that matter, and see how the current lose weight wisdom is working. It is not working at all. What needs to happen is a total shift in our approach to weight loss.

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