A Weight Loss Plan That Works - Do it Your Way

Are you the boss?


Well, no need to cry over spilled milk because you are not alone. Not many know this but you are in charge of designing your own weight loss plan that will work best for you.

Now before I go on, I'd like to tell you that the power lies within you. Creating a diet that fits your own personal likes and dislikes is a surefire way to get the most success on the scale.

To tell you the truth, it may be more effective, in fact, than trying to conform to a cookie-cutter weight-loss regimen.

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Want to hear me say it again? It is more important that your diet and exercise program fit into your lifestyle than that your lifestyle FIT into your diet and exercise plan.

To make a point - if the plan YOU design for yourself is flexible (and it should be), it will be EASIER for you to follow.

It's true - you can have your cake and eat it too.

By building upon your own weight loss plan - you can cut back on fatty foods, and begin to exercise - but the kicker is you are coming up with you own way of fitting those strategies into your life.

Do you want to know EXACTLY how to do that?

Now, pay attention...

Replace Certain Problem Foods: Let me share a secret with you - losing weight YOUR WAY means you don't have to resign yourself to eating only celery-stick dinners.

Don't get me wrong here - it's not necessary to completely eliminating your problem foods may set you up for failure.

Your job is to determine what those foods are and find replacements.

What this means is that your weight loss plan should center on replacing ONLY the foods you can't control your appetite for.

Here's a clue as to what you should consider getting rid of first. Watch carefully because these foods are the ones that can drive your weight loss efforts to its needs.

1. Ice Cream
2. Whole Milk
3. Heavily Marbled Meats
4. Most Fried Food

Identify Your Eating Pattern: Ironically, if you don't know what your eating behaviors are, you can begin to use your weight loss plan. And the result is a roadblock to your weight loss success.

Consider this: Write down what you eat right after you eat it and be as specific as possible about quantity and ingredients. Record information about what you were doing as you were eating like watching television or driving in your car.

Do this 7 days a week to get a good handle on when you are most likely to overeat and why.

So let's conclude, summarize and review...a successful weight loss plan is one that fits your lifestyle, your likes, and even better your dislikes.

Remember when you start your weight loss plan to replace certain foods and identify your eating habits.

Your life is in your own hands.

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